School Fees

Tuition And Fees For 2024/2025

An administration processing fee of SAR 1,000, a Holding Fee of SAR 5,000.00 and a Book Deposit Fee will be charged when a new student enrols in the school.  The Holding Fee is paid once on enrolment and is non-refundable, this amount will be subsequently deducted from the first semester attended.

Discounts for Siblings – second child 5% discount, third child 10% discount, fourth child 15% discount and any further siblings will receive 15% discount.

Students who have not been in school for a period of the last 12 months are considered to be no longer registered at the school.  Any student returning after this period will be required to register again.

Students leaving the school will only be refunded their Book Deposit after all books are returned in good condition and all the fees due are cleared. The book deposit should be claimed within 3 months of the Student leaving the school. The fees and book deposits are as follows:

Please note VAT 15% will be applicable on Registration Fees and Tuition Fees of all categories as per Saudi VAT regulations. The prices given below are excluding VAT.

ClassAgeYearly Tuition FeeTuition Fee Per SemesterBook Deposit
Nursery3 to 4 years oldSAR 42,400SAR 21,200SAR 500
Reception4 to 5 years oldSAR 43,900SAR 21,950SAR 500
Year 15 to 6 years oldSAR 45,500SAR 22,750SAR 500
Year 26 to 7 years oldSAR 52,000SAR 26,000SAR 500
Year 37 to 8 years oldSAR 52,300SAR 26,150SAR 500
Year 4 to Year 68 to 11 years oldSAR 56,000SAR 28,000SAR 1,000
Year 7 to Year 911 to 14 years oldSAR 61,250SAR 30,625SAR 1,000, Year 9 SAR 1,500
Year 10 to Year 1114 to 16 years oldSAR 66,500SAR 33,250SAR 2,000
Year 1216 to 17 years oldSAR 71,750SAR 35,875SAR 2,000
Year 1317 to 18 years oldSAR 74,900SAR 37,450SAR 2,000

*The above chart does not include the fees for students sitting IGCSE II (Year 11), AS & A levels (Years 12 and 13). IGCSE/AS and A Levels will be approximately SAR 6,000.00 (this is an average amount and excess will be refunded or shortfall billed).

Please note that the above fees include only compulsory stationery requirements for all students, a separate list for each year is available on request.

Withdrawal Policy – Parents must inform us in writing. Parents must notify the Registrar at least four weeks prior to leaving date so that the leaving procedure can be completed in time. Please Note: No portion of semester fees will be refunded for students who leave during that semester. Student Reports/Transfer Certificates will then be issued when all books have been returned and all outstanding accounts have been paid.

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Supplementary Fees

Please note that there is a fee of SR. 3000 + VAT to be paid for Learning Support and SEN Assessment.


Number of Lessons Required Per WeekFee Per Semester
Six to Nine HoursNormal Class Semester Fee plus SAR 11,000

Learning Support

Number of Lessons Required Per WeekFee Per Semester
Learning Support and SEN AssessmentSAR 3,000
Eleven to Fifteen HoursNormal Class Semester Fee plus SAR 19,800

Mainstream Assisted Students


Class TitleFull Assistant
Year 9 – Year 11 (13 to 16 years old)Semester Fee + 22,050
Year 7 – Year 8 (11 to 13 years old)Semester Fee + 21,525
Year 1 – Year 6 (5 to 11 years old)Semester Fee + 21,000

Special Needs

Class TitleFee Per Semester
Low DependencySAR 54,000 per Semester

Payment Policy

  • Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of each due date.
  • Semester reports will not be released for the students with outstanding fees and the legal actions will be taken against the parent.
  • Please note that invoices for each semester are sent in advance. Misplacing or not receiving the invoice will not be considered a valid reason for failure to pay the school fees by the due date.
  • Registration or semester fees cannot be transferred to another student or another semester.
  • Parents are responsible for advising their sponsoring companies regarding the school’s payment policy and payment schedule in order to avoid any delay in payment.
  • If a parent withdraws a student from the school during a semester, no portion of the fees will be refunded. If the fees have not been paid for any reason, you will still be liable to pay them. There will be no proportionate fee adjustments calculated based on the days attended, and no school report will be released.
  • Term Fees are not refundable for students’ Supplementary Programmes.
  • Students leaving the school will only be refunded their Book Deposit once all their books have been returned in good condition and all the fees due are cleared. The book deposit should be claimed within 3 months of the Student leaving the school.
  • In order to guarantee a place in the school for your child in 2025/2026 you will be asked to pay SAR 2,500.00 per student before the 1st of April 2025. This amount will be subsequently deducted from the semester one fee due for 2025/2026. Please note this amount is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • New Students who gain admission to the school for the following academic year need to pay the registration fee, book deposit at the time of Registration. The first semester fees must be paid before the due date.