Sport, Music And Arts

Specialist teaching of sport is open to all students: as part of the broad and balanced curriculum at Reigate Grammar School Riyadh (RGSR). 

Through participation in sport our students challenge themselves, develop leadership skills and learn to work as part of a team. Above all they have fun and create memories with their peers.

 With an emphasis on regular exercise, enjoyment, and promoting a healthy lifestyle it is our intention for students to discover their talents, develop skills which support lifelong learning, and foster a lifelong love of sport. 

Students at RGSR benefit from access to dedicated Music and Art rooms. All of our students receive a range of practical and theoretical music lessons taught by our specialist teachers. Students in the Prep and Secondary Schools enjoy creative art lessons, also taught by specialist teachers, and their handiwork can be seen adorning the walls and noticeboards around school.

Students also have access to a wide variety of sporting, musical and creative activities through our extra-curricular activities (ECA) which take place after school.