Reigate Grammar School, Riyadh Welcomes RGS International Faculty

RGS Riyadh recently welcomed Mr. Stephen Deady, Deputy Education Director and Ms. Samantha Selkirk, Education Advisor and Head of Kindergarten at Reigate Grammar School, UK. Stephen and Samantha are accomplished educators and distinguished members of RGS International.

Samantha spent time with students in the early years and primary years. She was seen chatting and chuckling with pupils. She shared stories and facilitated fun activities in different classes.


Stephen interacted with middle schoolers and high school boys. From football to career goals, from YouTube releases to university resources, myriad themes emerged from their lively discussions.

Stephen and Samantha addressed the parents at three different introductory evenings. The healthy collaboration between the students, staff and caregivers was particularly emphasised.

They had a series of discussions with the teachers as well. RGSI’s goal of providing world-class, inclusive, holistic education was highlighted. The teachers exchanged ideas on optimally utilizing the classroom resources and technology for the overall development of every student.

RGS Riyadh takes immense pride in achieving and maintaining the exceptionally high standards of RGS, UK and RGSI. In the UK, RGS has been awarded ‘Exceptional’ for Achievement and Learning – the first co-ed day school to be awarded this rating.

Reigate Grammar School Riyadh

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